Choosing Between Wood And Metal For Kids Room

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Choosing Between Wood And Metal For Kids RoomWhen it comes to buying kids bedroom furniture, people often tend to get confused between wood and metal. Both of the materials are very beautiful, durable and give a great impression to the kids’ rooms. Therefore, there is always a confusion regarding the same. All kind of design concepts that you can think of, right from traditional to contemporary, are available in both these materials. However, you always have to find a compromise between the two. If you are wondering what should be used for your kids room, this article might help in getting more clarity.

Wood- of course, there is nothing better than wood. You have to find something that is attractive, beautiful, and available in beautiful colors and provides a trendy look to the house. This can only be done with the help of wooden furniture. It is quite durable as well. Moreover, wood can be used in any kind of furniture design concept.

Metal- metal is a great idea for those who are following a contemporary, modern or modern-industrial kind of design idea for the child bedroom. It is also quite durable and is more resistant to moisture and other problems as compared to wood. Metal furniture can be lighter as well and it also comes in various different colors.

With this small comparison, you now know that both metal and wood have properties that can be quite similar to each other. However, if you are looking for something that is lighter and can be painted or repainted as per your wish, then metal would definitely would definitely be a great idea for you. Therefore,we can see that your room décor idea would be the primary reason why or why not a specific kind of furniture material should be used by you. For the industrial style design ideas, you should be focusing upon metal furniture. It is available in industrial and modern industrial styles that would definitely be providing a great look. Metal is also generally preferred by boys in their rooms. If you are following a theme that is based on outdoor activities, sports or music, then using metal in the room should be your first choice.

Wood can be used by both boys and girls. It can be heavier or lighter, depending upon its type. However, it would generally be heavier than metal. With wood, the biggest advantage that you get is the good looks and the variety that is available in this material. If you are opting for something more traditional, more elegant or something that is available in a softer appeal, wood should be your choice.

Ideally, there should be no problem in choosing the right kind of furniture for you, depending on the kind of décor that you have chosen. If you are still thinking that you would not be able to find a good compromise between the two, you can go and buy a wood furniture item that comes with metal planks and accents as well.

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Choosing Different Kinds Of Furniture Woods

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Choosing Different Kinds Of Furniture WoodsYou know what is the best kind of furniture wood available in the market these days? All of them. Yes, when we think about furniture, what we first think about is a wooden item. Furniture is actually a synonym to wood itself. No matter how many new materials we have seen in the past, there is nothing that beats the charm and glory of wood furniture and this is exactly the reason why we all love to keep wooden furniture in our homes. It is more elegant, more beautiful and definitely has a very charming appeal that cannot be avoided by anyone. Therefore, buying wood furniture is definitely an essential for your house if you are looking for really appealing home design ideas.

When you are buying wood furniture, you have to focus on the fact that the furniture that you are using can be made of many different kinds of woods. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on the fact that you only get the right kind of wood for the right use and the right room. Each kind of wood would be different in terms of looks and characteristics. If you are willing to buy furniture for your bedroom, you must definitely be buying mahogany and teak. These are two of the woods that make bedroom furniture look really chic. They are true to type hardwoods that are highly durable as well. If you have a classic furniture design, then you must definitely be looking for these two woods. However, you must always remember that these are exotic wood varieties and can be very expensive as well.

There are many varieties of wood that can be providing you the same looks but not as huge a quality. These woods are grown domestically. They may not be as good as teak or mahogany, but they are definitely durable enough and would be providing you a great cost effective measure to buy furniture as well. There are many varieties that either match the exotic woods in looks or in strength. Therefore, you must make sure that you are buying good quality wood only. Some of these varieties are exported from china and sold in the name of domestic or even exotic wood. Do not fall a trap to these tactics. If you must buy, buy from the most genuine dealers only. The domestic wood can include both softwood and hardwood like oak, maple, ash, walnut, cherry, poplar, pine, redwood and many more.

You must usually opt for softwood in wood as many of the hardwood furniture is out of the reach of the common homeowner. You must also look out for other alternatives in wood. There are many more alternatives to softwood and hardwood. One of these is composite wood, particle boards, plywood and pressed wood. They are made of wood particles as well polymer which keeps them light and durable as well. It is also very cheap to buy and is available in any number of colors and varieties that you can think of.

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Is It Antique Or Vintage?

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Is It Antique Or Vintage?Many people are quite confused about the vintage and the antique style home designs. Though they both refer to two eras that have gone by, they are not necessarily the same. Just like you cannot compare the romantic comedies of the 90s and 2000s with the early Charlie Chaplin movies there is also no comparison between antique and vintage, even though their golden period is over. The winter accessory and décor design is a world apart from the antique design theme and ideas. Now, let us first understand that these two are not just simple design ideas. They are, in fact, institutions of home design and have been influencing the lifestyles of the people during their golden age. They can be found in home décor ideas, home furniture and furnishings, decorative items and even the kind of lifestyle that you follow while incorporating them in your lives.

Let us first talk about antique. An antique item is the one that has completed at least 100 years of age. It can be a 100 year old furniture item, a painting, an old equipment, small machine, TV, radio, gun, clothing, home accessory or pretty much anything that you can count. Antique furniture is of two types. First is the real antique furniture that is actually a 100 years old and represents a different generation of design altogether. The second is renovated antique furniture. It is actually a new piece of furniture that has been designed as a replica to some older furniture item or has been inspired by the culture of at least a 100 years ago.

One the other hand, a thing becomes vintage or collectible or even retro in many different circumstances. There is no proper definition of vintage or collectible in general and people use this word in a very generic fashion as well. Here is a small distinction between the two and many more related terms. The term collectible is used for any item that is 0 to 99 years of age. Now, this term is again very broad in sense as any happy meal toy you received about 5 years ago can also be called a collectible. Moreover, a furniture from the 1950s, belonging to your grandfather can also be called a collectible. However, as soon as it reaches 100 years of age, it must definitely defined as an antique.

Finally, we come to vintage. If we talk in a broader sense, we find that anything that is less than 25 years is typically classified as vintage. Your father’s watch can be vintage, his car can be vintage but your great grandfather’s wood chopping axe can be an antique. However, it is also commonly believed that vintage is the turn of the decade term. It can refer to any item that was in fashion less than 25 years ago but is again hitting the vogue. It is also commonly referred for anything and everything that was made in the 1960s, especially the late 1970s which is also known as retro.

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