European Luxury At Its Best

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No matter how hard you try not to stare, the European furniture design at the furniture store definitely catches your eyes. It is so beautiful, catchy and luxurious that it becomes next to impossible to look away from what you have been looking for. This is the also the reason why a number of people only think about European designs when it comes to designing their own luxurious houses. The luxurious European design that we would be talking about below are inspired from Italian luxury homes and contains many warm shades of apricots, terracotta and even tan. This makes the house look perfect without doing much of an effort.

Let us first start with the walls. Covered in a sand brown shade, the walls would definitely be providing you something great to look forward to. This helps in ensuring that you get what you have been looking for in luxury. The sand brown color matches well with every color that we would be using in the furniture and furnishings of the room. Oyster grey windows should be matched with sheer white curtains. To complement them, bring some heavy apricot brown curtains that are lightly textures to complete the look. Never go for white lights in the room. Chose amber shades or any other warm shades that you may like but avoid white as much as possible. This light does help you get the best of the looks. You would be getting three different kinds of couches and sofas in the room. The centerpiece would be a terracotta couch that is firm but thickly padded as well. There would not be much of arm rests here, but you need to add some cushions here.

European Luxury At Its Best

The second kind of couches would be placed on either side of the terracotta couch and must be a shade of tan. This helps you achieve a better look. Go for textured boards and high armrests and use cushions here as well. This would help break the tan monotony of the room. Now, just go for two individual textured or patterned tan sofas that can be used to fill the space leftover in the living room. You are through with the seating of the room. Don’t forget the fact that you need a lot of cushions over here. However, don’t just ‘throw’ them over. The European style is very formal and you have to abide by those rules. In the center, add an arched leg table with a glass table top. Make sure you have a beautiful, floral printed tan or sand yellow colored rug to add to the brilliance of the room.

You would need a table lamp to finish off the furniture and furnishings of the room. Make sure that everything is quite neat and you don’t have to make it look casual or outgoing. It’s an Italian style luxurious living room that is designed for serious conversations added with a touch of brilliance. Adding a Chinese bowl style flower vase on the table would be a great idea as well.

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Elegant And Calm Bedroom Design

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If you are looking for a bedroom design that looks cool and calm without overdoing the furniture than this design idea would definitely be a great choice. On a number of occasions, we feel we are stuck with heavy beds and linen and don’t quite find the time to reimagine the bedroom. However, this delay causes a lot of stress. An urban lifestyle is definitely not very pleasant towards those old and antique style beds. Therefore, you have to find something that is light and has a great appeal as well. In order to do this, you must first start focusing on the bedroom design idea that would suit your tastes well. Once this is done, you can buy the necessary furniture and get ready for a brand new bedroom for yourself. The bedroom design idea that we would be discussing below is more about calmness in the interior and would definitely suit a master bedroom well.

To begin with, paint the walls of the room in a light but rich moss green. Make sure that there are accents in the room as it disrupts the harmony of the colors and gives a different look altogether. Make sure that the lights in your room are not white but bright amber so that you can relax in your room more often. Now, go for a green lining that runs across the room. This green line should be a bright forest green that is at the height of a typical chair rail. Let it be bright and solid and let it run across the room for a brighter effect. It would help break the monotony of moss green and would make every elements in your room look synchronized. This is quite helpful in making sure that the room remains looking elegant all the while. Opt for window blinds as they look quite nice.

Elegant And Calm Bedroom DesignFor the furniture parts, take a bed that is modern with visible edges. It should be a dark chocolate brown that enriches the color of the room. Go for a plain and simple headboard and don’t try to opt for heavily ‘designer’ beds and furniture. Add very simple glass table top end tables and decorate them with lamps or flower vases. Add a chaise to the room that is placed about 4 to 6 feet away from the foot of the bed. You can add a crushed velvet fabric chaise as well as it makes the room look quite nice. For linen and furnishing, go for solid natural fabrics like cotton. This should be quite helpful. Make sure that the bed linen is not plain, nor does it come with bold designs. Linen with symmetrical and small patterned designs in earthen colors would suit the settings quite well. Finally, you can add a picture or a scenery or a painting over the headboard to provide a little more personality to the room. We have added a cockatoo picture that accentuates the natural outlook of the room and makes it look more relaxing than ever.

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Cozier Guest Bedroom

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Ask any homeowner about their experiences in decorating their guest bedrooms and they would be narrating a horrific story of how they have tried to pull the best that they could but ended up with something that they could not even dream about. This is so because guest bedrooms are tricky. Even the best interior designers have to spend more time and effort in designing these rooms. Your own bedroom can be designed according to your taste and personality. However, with guest bedrooms, you are not allowed such freedom. You have to make sure that the bedroom appeals to everyone and provides you the right look and feel. Let us have a look at a very cozy bedroom design idea that would definitely make it a hit.

Cozier Guest Bedroom

  • Start with the walls. Make them oyster grey or deeper and darker shades of whites. This is one color that can never go wrong in any room. Avoid off white at any cost. It makes the room look empty and doesn’t generally cast a very favorable impression on someone who has to live in it, even for a day. Darker or warmer shades of white are more appealing to everyone. Plus, it would go well with the rest of the theme.
  • The theme of the room would be white and deep grey. Remember, you have to focus on grey furniture and white furnishings or vice versa. The bed would be coming in with a white textured headboard which would also be replicated on the inside plank of the wall units. The linen should be deep grey in color. Use a screen behind the bed in order to provide a neutral but powerful personality to the room. If you don’t wish to use this screen, you can even opt for a painting or a huge photograph at this place.
  • Opt for a small industrial style side table that is made of metal and painted in deep grey. Add smaller white details or add a white flower pot or contemporary lamp here. The cushions and pillows that you would be using here should also be deep grey in color. Keep the wall unit small, short and very very simple.
  • You can even add a pet bed at the side of the room so that the guest, who comes with a pet doesn’t have any issues when it comes to tending their pets. Moreover, the pets would not even leave scratches on the sheets.
  • Use bright amber lights in the room. Though grey and white are usually neutral colors, we are using a warmer theme. Therefore, to accentuate the theme and make the environment warm, you would have to make sure that you are using amber lights. Always keep them as bright as possible as deep amber would ruin the look of this room.
  • Just to break the monotony of the room, you can keep one small red pillow on the bed. If you are using a flower vase on the end table, decorate it with bright red flowers and get the right look.
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A Bedroom For 4 Kids

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Who says that having two kids would make you feel irritated and drives you mad when it comes to the selection of the right bedroom design idea? If you have more than two kids, you would be equally mad and confused. Often times, making younger kids share a room becomes quite common for many parents. This can be because of a lack of space in the house (like, living in an apartment) or because they have a huge kids room that can easily accommodate all the kids. If you think this is the case, you must definitely adopt the furniture and design idea that we are presenting. Though it is designed for 4 kids, you can utilize it equally well if you have 2 or 3 children in the house. This theme utilizes two colors, beige and lemon green which make it look quite classy and helps in ensuring that the children don’t really feel any issues in sharing a room if they have to.

Utilize two walls in the room. These walls need to be adjacent to each other and must be utilized in half. You would either have to buy a big furniture unit or get it custom designed for your kids. A customized design is always a more preferable idea that anything else. First start with this custom wall unit. It should ideally look like a simple wall unit that comes with 4 unique spaces for the kids to sleep. You must have definitely watched the famous Japanese animated series Doraemon with your kids. Here, the robot cat Doraemon sleeps in a closet like space. The space we are talking about here is also quite similar. However, it would not come with a sliding door. The interior of the wall unit must be painted in a very rich but bright lemon green. For the mattress and linen of the 4 beds, you have to focus on two colors that match well with the theme. For two kids, chose a white with blue accents theme while for the other two, chose the blue with white accents theme.

A Bedroom For 4 Kids

Make sure that each of the sleeping areas comes with a lighting system of its own and also ensure that the areas are big enough for the kids. Instead of getting 4 beds for the room, you can follow this theme and save a lot of space as well. The rest of the room can be utilized by the kids for storing their things and also in studying or playing. You can keep 4 separate cupboards and study table sets for the kids in different colors in different corners of the room. However, one thing that you have to pay attention to is that this idea should be utilized only when you have a bedroom that is big enough for making all the four children sleep in peace. We are restricting the sleeping space and increasing their activities space. If you only have two kids, this idea would work in a smaller room as well.

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Summer Style Kids Bedroom

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Summer Style Kids BedroomThe summer is just around corner and it is quite possible that you would have to renovate or re-image your kids’ room. They spend a lot of time in their rooms during the summer. Therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t have to beat around the bush about how beautiful their previous room design looks and how difficult it is to get a fabulous new home design idea. It is okay as parents to get baffled with the idea of the children getting too demanding about their room design. Don’t worry. They have all the rights to get a brand new room décor. Plus, it would definitely not cost you the earth. You can just be a little creative and try to figure out how you would be able to achieve your objectives. Simply have a look at the summer style theme that we are presenting to you and you would be able to give them a room that you have always wanted. Have a look at how this wonderful summer style would work for the kids.

The summer style bedroom has been designed with the idea of a sea in mind. Children would definitely be loving the way it has been made. You can chose to paint the walls in a beautiful sea green color. This would help in creating the illusion of the ocean in the kids’ room. The lighter the color, the better appearance you would be able to give your kids room a very light appearance. This is not all. Because of the light blue color, the natural light entering the room would not be making it extremely warm. As a result of this, the room temperature would always be low. You must also pay attention to the fact that the room would not have any accents. The windows would be white in color and so would the doors. The room must definitely have wooden flooring and the furniture should be kept to the minimum, that too in a very light beige color.

The only furniture you would need a small bed, a dresser with storage, a bookcase and probably a chair if your child wishes. A table can be added as well, if he is keen on studying in his room. One thing that you must definitely ensure is the fact that the furniture should be as simple as possible. Don’t go for anything too fancy. That would ruin the look of the room. Select a thick mattress and cover it with brightly colored bed linen. You can also add starfish like wall clock in the room and other such decorative items that directly relate with the ocean bed theme of the room. A bright blue with lemon yellow would be a perfect combination for any kind of linen, rugs or other fabrics that you would use in the room. Yellow would help break the blue monotony and would be making the room look bright and sunny all along the summer break. These are very inspiring colors too.

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Bright And Perfect Princess Room

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Those who have a daughter are pretty lucky. She always hops around the house and makes sure that the world remains a bearable place. Of course, a smile from her can definitely let all the stress go away. If you have two daughter, you are even luckier. You can have double the smiles. Now, you must definitely be thinking how to make your daughters happy, isn’t it? Well, if this is the case, then we can suggest a perfect gift for you. You can gift her a perfect room makeover. If yes, then here is one room décor idea that you would definitely like to try.

The Bright and Perfect Princess room décor is actually a color coded theme that would be attracting both your daughters, especially if they have differing personalities. While one of your child may be calmer, the other one can be equally adventurous. Now, this is something that is seen very commonly in all households. No two children are like but there are some common themes that keeps them united. This theme is based on two color, deep fuchsia and lemon yellow. Both colors have a personality of their own. They are both quite deep, bright, lively and would definitely be making the room look perfect. You can also mix them up with accessories and smaller decorative items in lavender, pink and red. There is nothing more that your girls would love more than this room.

Bright And Perfect Princess RoomTwo of the walls of the room would be painted in fuchsia while the other two would be white. Take a deeper and warmer shade of white and avoid off white as much as possible. The furniture would all be painted in lemon yellow. However, you can keep the study table in a sober beige if you wish. On the wall that is painted in white would be bed set. It would be a bunk bed in principle but it would not have any unnecessary pillar like structures. Two beds would be placed one over the other and there would be a chunky yellow staircase as well. Therefore, the kids would certainly love what they see. Add a deep purple bean bag (or two), two metallic chairs painted in yellow, two round and soft rugs and throw a few cushions on the bed or big soft toys anywhere in the room.

The only thing that is left in the room is a cupboard. Now, this has to be really big as keeping two cupboards might not be feasible in smaller rooms. If you think there can be space, use two, otherwise stick to one huge cupboard. It should also be painted in lemon yellow to get the right effect. The room would always remain bright and sunny, no matter what time of the year it is. If you have to use any wall decorations, pictures and paintings, focus on light pink and your job would be done. Just spend a weekend for the job and you would be able to gift them something really great this time.

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