Tips For The Best Minimalist Home Décor

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There is no doubt regarding the fact that a minimalist home décor is in these days. This is because the modern or urbane styles do not allow cramming of many elements of furnishings in the same room. People have now started focusing more on the spaciousness in the room rather than the number of seating options available to them. This, quite obviously, demands for new kind of home design ideas. The minimalist home décor is on one extreme of this idea. In this theme, we focus on keeping things at the level of bare essentials and allow as much space in the house as possible. Some people say that Asian style home décor themes are the best representations of this kind of ideas. They use solid furniture but make sure that the room doesn’t look too crammed up. However, the minimalist theme and design is much more than this.

Minimalism became quite popular as an architectural achievement in the past century. The designs are sparingly decorative and are quite straight and streamlined as well. Still, the designs are quite appealing. The sole idea is to create clutter free spaces and a cleaner or neater living space that has more of personality and less of furnishing elements. If you also like this idea and want to incorporate it in your house, here is something that you might want to try before. This tips are simple but they always work really well.

  • Tips For The Best Minimalist Home DécorCreate a neat area- minimalism is not about ‘stuffing’ things into your household. It is more about keeping what is really needed and doing away with the rest. You don’t create an illusion of space, you actually make space for things and that is exactly what needs to be done. The lesser the number of décor and furnishing elements, the better you would be feeling. Start with the furniture. We are habitual of cramming things in our room. Having three pieces of sofa with ottomans was not enough so we also bought a huge coffee table that left a space of merely 4 feet between the sofa and the coffee table. Now, this is something that you don’t want. Clear it. Don’t go for cluttered surfaces as well. Accents are meant for accentuating the beauty of your surface, not making it a collage. Be it tabletops, countertops or even your walls, you would need only a couple of colors and accents to the max.
  • Buy simple- if you are planning to replace the furniture of your room, then go for chic pieces that look very elegant but are very simple as well. Don’t go for heavy paddings and upholsteries and overly bright designs. Just keep it simple.
  • Lighting- focus on the lights that you have kept in the room. Use recessed lights as well as track lights instead of bold floor lamps or even table lamps. All install dimmers in your room so that you can change the amount of light you need.
  • Use cozy colors- let them neutral or natural. Earthen shades look good too.
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Home Décor And Color Combinations

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Home Décor And Color CombinationsOne of the most important parts of your home décor themes is the color combination that you would be using in the rooms of your house. This is the reason why you must be extremely conscious of the colors that you are using in the house. But why is color that important? It is because color always has some kind of personality and each color depicts a different kind of mood and lends a personality to the room itself. Let’s understand this with the help of a few examples. After you have had a long day at work, where you were overstressed because an important project was going to end or where you had to work overtime, what would you prefer? Would you like to sit in a room that is painted in green or would you prefer a room that is painted in red? Of course, you would chose the first room.

Do you know why this is so? It is because colors play a very important role in our lives. Each and every color represents an emotion or a feeling and it definitely helps us in having an ultimate impact on the people who are being exposed to that color. Therefore, you have to focus on getting the right color for your room. This can be done in three ways. First, you have to focus on the color of the walls. Second, you have to focus on the color of the furniture. Third, you need to focus on the color of the rest of furnishings, decorative items as well as draping. In order to find the right combination for this, you need to focus on keeping the color of the walls lighter. We would always prefer to keep the wooden and furniture shades as natural as possible. Of course, there is no dearth of different kinds of furniture shades around. However, the real beauty of furniture is experienced only with natural wood colors.

Now, it is time for you to go for the paint of the walls as well as the draping and furnishings. You must always remember to choose a lighter shade for the walls and add an exactly contrasting deep color to the rugs that you are using in the house. This helps in creating a diverse personality in the room and it appears quite nice as well. Otherwise, it might look very monotonous and you would not get a chance to handle the things well. The other two things that must be used for your color combinations are curtains and cushions or pillows. Usually, people like to keep brightly colored cushions in their houses that meet with lightly colored curtains. However, you can also go vice versa if the theme of the room allows so. You must always remember to use different hues of the same shade of color for these two items. The best thing for you is to keep a color palette along at all times. This shall help you in recognizing the colors that would suit you well.

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Easy Changes To Rev Up Home Décor

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If you are planning to give an exceptional makeover to your house and wish to do so by the means of home décor ideas that work well for your design theme, you are doing it right. Making very drastic changes to the house is not only difficult but very expensive as well. Therefore, changing your home décor by making small changes is always a great idea. It helps in keeping your room looking fresh at all times and also ensures that you are progressing towards a highly dynamic and trendy theme as well. If you think home decoration is an addiction to you, making these small changes would definitely affect you. Here is something that can help you:

  • Easy Changes To Rev Up Home DécorCovers can be changed- yes, this is one of the most inexpensive ways in which you would be changing your décor. If you have been using red cushions with your white theme décor, maybe it’s time for electric blue cushion covers to replace them and give a new look to your house. This is quite an interesting thing to do as well. These covers can include the table cloths, pillows, cushions and bed linen as well.
  • Rearrange the wall display- if you are not planning to spend anything but are suffering from an uncontrollable urge to change the décor of the room, you must definitely look for rearranging the things on your walls. Keep the wall clock on adjacent walls, replace the set of 5 small pictures with on big painting and more. You can even alternate the decorative items on the walls. If simply rearranging the walls does not work, you must definitely be looking for rearranging the furniture placement in your room as well. This might help you in gaining more positive energy and you would not even have to spend a penny for the same.
  • Try on different shades- the best way to do so is to change the curtains of the rooms. Have you been using white sheer curtains along with grey opaque curtains? Try going vice versa in the summers and see what impact it has on your room. Will it able to stop the harsh sunlight from entering the room in the afternoon? Will it help ample natural light enter the room during the evening? Ask yourself these questions and get started.
  • Change the flooring- yes, this can be done as well. You simply have to change the flooring of the house and suddenly, everything would start appearing like new. Different shades of wooden flooring or laminate flooring are available these days. See if you would be able to change this kind of flooring and do something more creative with room.
  • Change the form of lighting- though we always prefer natural sunlight in the room, you can also find some lighting changes in the house to create new look. For example, if you have not been using natural light till date, focus more on keeping the windows open from now on. If you have been focusing more on floor lamps or table lamps, look for track lights.
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Is It Antique Or Vintage?

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Is It Antique Or Vintage?Many people are quite confused about the vintage and the antique style home designs. Though they both refer to two eras that have gone by, they are not necessarily the same. Just like you cannot compare the romantic comedies of the 90s and 2000s with the early Charlie Chaplin movies there is also no comparison between antique and vintage, even though their golden period is over. The winter accessory and décor design is a world apart from the antique design theme and ideas. Now, let us first understand that these two are not just simple design ideas. They are, in fact, institutions of home design and have been influencing the lifestyles of the people during their golden age. They can be found in home décor ideas, home furniture and furnishings, decorative items and even the kind of lifestyle that you follow while incorporating them in your lives.

Let us first talk about antique. An antique item is the one that has completed at least 100 years of age. It can be a 100 year old furniture item, a painting, an old equipment, small machine, TV, radio, gun, clothing, home accessory or pretty much anything that you can count. Antique furniture is of two types. First is the real antique furniture that is actually a 100 years old and represents a different generation of design altogether. The second is renovated antique furniture. It is actually a new piece of furniture that has been designed as a replica to some older furniture item or has been inspired by the culture of at least a 100 years ago.

One the other hand, a thing becomes vintage or collectible or even retro in many different circumstances. There is no proper definition of vintage or collectible in general and people use this word in a very generic fashion as well. Here is a small distinction between the two and many more related terms. The term collectible is used for any item that is 0 to 99 years of age. Now, this term is again very broad in sense as any happy meal toy you received about 5 years ago can also be called a collectible. Moreover, a furniture from the 1950s, belonging to your grandfather can also be called a collectible. However, as soon as it reaches 100 years of age, it must definitely defined as an antique.

Finally, we come to vintage. If we talk in a broader sense, we find that anything that is less than 25 years is typically classified as vintage. Your father’s watch can be vintage, his car can be vintage but your great grandfather’s wood chopping axe can be an antique. However, it is also commonly believed that vintage is the turn of the decade term. It can refer to any item that was in fashion less than 25 years ago but is again hitting the vogue. It is also commonly referred for anything and everything that was made in the 1960s, especially the late 1970s which is also known as retro.

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